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Thank you for the Survey Feedback

On September 19, 2010, in InetEntrepreNEWS, by John and Leah

Thank you for the Survey Feedback

Greetings Inet Entrepreneurs!  We pray everyone is in great health. Greatness is within you all!  Harness it and live the life you deserve right now!

We wanted to take the time out to thank everyone for the tremendous support of the blog. Keep the survey feedback coming as well. We hope that you are finding the blog to be useful. How can you make money online?  There will be many more articles coming to provide incredible value for you to succeed and make money.  Some will show you how using networking marketing, others in any business.  Many articles will teach you how to grow professionally as a business entrepreneur.

Survey Feedback

All of the responses we received from the surveys wanted to learn more about how to leverage Social Media in your marketing campaigns.  So take advantage of the Social Surge Boot-Camp Training by filling in your name and email to the right.  It will be delivered to your inbox immediately to start you on your journey to the social media marketing world.

We are creating a new product called the Social Surge Inner Circle Mentoring. It will go into greater detail on how to explode your business. You can be apart of the creation process as we put this course together just for you.

Give us more Survey Feedback

We have a survey available that many of you have taken the time to fill out. This survey feedback is extremely important to us as it enables us to create what you want or need in order to help you.  If you have not filled it out you can do so right now by Clicking how can you make money online here. We want you to know that we do read each and every one of your entries.  From the survey feedback we see that many of you are just like we are.  You are looking for real ways (that work) to build your business.  We noticed many of you are from different walks of life from the currently employed to the retired, and the work from home parents (mainly work at home mommies) to the students. Some of you were new to being a business entrepreneur online and many are current business entrepreneurs looking for ways to get the word out about your products and services.

We are in your same shoes.  Stick with our community as we will teach you what we have learned to grow professionally, personally, and financially. We will give you skills and techniques that we use ourselves that work.  We promise to stay away from the hype and the fluff.   We want each and every one of you to succeed.

Below you will find some of the survey feedback that was provided to us.

Question 6: Please let us know anything additional you want to learn?

The Top 10 of Your Responses from the Survey Feedback we received:

1.  Email campaigns, and blogging.

2.  I need to learn everything about starting and running a business.

3.  This is a novelty item, and used to scratch off lottery tickets. The key is to get the product out to lottery retail vendors as well as companies which can use their brand on the product.

4.  How to add leads to my business over the internet. I have exhausted my warm market circle.

5.  How John has such a 100% positive attitude every single day I have known him

6.  Proper sources to advertize

7.  Get a plan that really works

8.  I like to learn how to development a good relationship within a working environment.

9.  Strategy of marketing

10.  Learn effective ways to use social media.

We really appreciate your survey feedback. There were more, but to keep this post from being a mile long we took the top 10.  However we HEARD ALL of you! Over the next few weeks, we are putting together some articles dedicated to giving you valuable information in regards to the feedback that you have asked to learn.

Connect again soon.  Best of success for you all!

John and Leah
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